Aiden’s 3rd Birthday

On April 15th, my sweet Aiden turned 3! I absolutely cannot believe I have a THREE year old!

No matter what he’s always going to be my sweet first baby, but I can no longer call him baby. He says ‘no, baby, I’m Aiden’. šŸ˜€

He’s extremely athletic! He’s been this way from the beginning but this year has seen his athletic ability really develop. My favorite move of his is his ‘prance like a horse’. He does this a lot while he’s ‘dancing’ he hops from one leg to the next and reminds me of those prancing moves show horses do.

He is the best big brother and is always worrying about what his other brothers are doing, and is the first to run and tell me if B is being naughty! lol. He is a sneaky bro and uses his superior smarts to trick his brothers into giving him the best toys, or the biggest treat.

Still a very picky eater butĀ its getting a bit better and I am able to offer things for him to at least try and he will make up his mind about them for himself.


Sorry I don’t have stats for him: we were supposed to go do 3 year, 2 year, and 6 months checkups all at the same time but we had sickness, and so many other things happening! I do know that he is around 14 kg.

Sorry no pics, I’m just going to get these posts up before they get any later (3 months late is already inexcusable haha.) Will be tons of pics of him as we go so don’t worry haha.



On April 15th, 2011, my life changed.

Of course we all have lifetimes full of life-changing moments. We graduate from school, we fall in love, we land a dream job, we stand on top of a mountain, we break a world record. (not that I’ve done all of those …)Ā 

A life-changing moment is always special because, obviously, it changes ones life. So among a basket full of ‘special’ moments, an event has to be extremely extraordinary to compete and stand out. I think I can safely say having a baby does that quite nicely.

Aiden Shigeo was born through emergency c-section on April 15th, 2011. To make a long story (which I’ll save for another day) short, he was born at 36 weeks (juuuuust short of being considered full-term), weighing 2.5 kg.Image

I always wanted my first child to be a boy, so I couldn’t have been happier. I had absolutely no idea at that time that in 2 years time I would go on to have 2 more: Brandon Ryuji, born on May 15th, 2012 weighing 2.8kg,


and Chael Yoshia, born on October 16th, 2013 weighing 2.1 kg.Ā Image

In my head my perfectly planned family was a boy, a girl, and then twins. So obviously I was in for a rude awakening. It has been quite the journey, and it’s taken a lot of adjusting, but now that I’m here I can imagine it being any other way.

Now Aiden is almost 3 (Birthday in one week GASP!), Brandon almost 2, and Yoshi almost 6 months! I decided its high time I create a new space to document our journey (old blog is HERE).Ā 

So welcome to a place where you can watch our little clan grow, laugh, (ok, sometimes cry), and adventure! I am Jewel, and Daddy is Ardit (he will be popping his head in from time to time, I’m sure). We hope that you will find this a healing space, to enjoy the boys growing up, and even find one or two helpfulĀ ideas, parentingĀ advice, and style tips that you can use!Ā 




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